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Hello, I’m Mariana – content marketer by trade, southerner by choice, and creator of this blog. Nice to meet you! Pull up a chair, sip on some coffee (or Cheerwine) and stay a while, will you?


The Origins Of Me

Taste Of Wander Albus Puppledore at Wasena City Tap Room in Roanoke, Virginia
Albus Puppledore

I hustle a full-time career, managing digital marketing and content creation for a company based in Roanoke, Virginia.

Growing up in both Roanoke, VA and Greensboro, NC, I consider the South as part of my soul. I was born and partially raised in Brasil, traveling often while young – I think this is where my love of experiencing local cultures came from.

I went to University in North Carolina, earning my Bachelor’s in Marketing and have worked in the Tourism, Travel, and Economic Development industries since.

In my free time (if there is such a thing) I treasure spending time with my favorite people and my dog (and sidekick), Albus Puppledore! I consider myself a professional dog cuddler, outdoors enthusiast, and loyal supporter of nom nom’s and beer.


What’s In The Blog?

Hiking Carvins Cove Roanoke Virginia
Hiking With My Sidekick

With over 7+ years of experience in blogging, digital marketing, and communications, I took my love of crafting stories and created Taste of Wander in 2016.

I capture my experiences about eateries, lifestyle, and travels – mainly in the South.

You’ll find a blend of business and fun, focusing on foodventures, travels, and inspiration with a side of pup antics.

I consider myself a lifestyle blogger and am addicted to adventures, which is what I hope comes across in my articles.


A Pint-Sized Lifestyle

Taste Of Wander focuses on lifestyle, so here’s a taste of mine.

    • Taste Of Wander. An Eateries, lifestyle, and travel blog
      The Struggle Is Real, Even With Heels

      I’m 5’2 but tell people I’m 5’3 because I think the extra inch gives me more leverage. Not sure why. I’m dating a lovely southern-accented man who happens to be 6’3. The struggle is real when it comes to taking photos together.

    • Routine makes me restless and I get bored without road trips or travel. Yet I have found myself Netflixing at home more often. I’m not crafty, but wished I were so my Pinterest boards could rejoice in my attempts.
    • Exercising is a necessary evil. Lately, you can find me working on my squats in CrossFit. I have tried many things from affordable gyms to group workouts and for some reason CrossFit has stuck.
    • When the weather turns to fall and Winter, you can find me in Charlottesville most weekends. Watching football and basketball games is a favorite. WAHOOWA!
    • Albus Puppledore is my first dog ever! Together we are battling many firsts – training, anxiety, doggy daycare, and all the hair. It’s been an interesting ride, but I actually can’t even remember life before him.


This Is The End, My Friend

Taste Of Wander. An Eateries, lifestyle, and travel blog
That Time I Went To Boston

Hopefully, I have answered any questions that you had about me. If you want to know more, email me and we can have a chat!

Sometimes I work with companies to promote and to review products that I love, which fit with my lifestyle. All posts of this nature are marked with the category “collaboration”.

If you’re interested in collaborating, take a look at some of my featured work and places I have been published.

Until then, let’s connect with me on social media.

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