5 Etsy Resume Templates To Get You Started

An updated and fresh-looking resume can really help set you apart from the competition. Having recently applied as well as been part of hiring processes, I have seen my fair share of good and not so good resumes. Conveying information is really important, but don’t forget that your resume is the first impression that HR has of you.

For those seeking a job for the first time, who may not have enough experience in the field they want to go into, I always recommend they choose or create their template to highlight the skills that they do have.

Look for a resume template that highlights awards, skills, and any leadership associations that you may have belonged to. Make sure to list any additional experiences which can relate to the job you’re seeking. Below are a few great examples which I have come across.



PaytonAC Harlow Resume Front   Payton Harlow Resume Back



Etsy David Williams Resume   Etsy David Williams Resume References



Etsy Resume Template Sarah Jay Front   Etsy Resume Template Sarah Jay back



Etsy Resume Template Tanya Woods Front   Etsy Resume Template Tanya Woods Back



Etsy Resume Template Anna Brown Front   Etsy Resume Template Anna Brown Back


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