7 Insanely Useful Camping Products We Wished We Owned

If you have been following my previous posts, you’ve probably noticed that I have been bitten by the camping bug lately. I am mid preparation for an early October camping trip with my bestie and am beyond excited.

I have never been camping in a tent. I mean, never. So you can imagine how excited I was when my friend proposed the idea of a ladies weekend out in the woods camping with our dogs. There is some really good information out there for novice campers. If you haven’t take a look at a previous post about 11 easy fall camping hacks to try.

I came across some amazing camping products that immediately made me say “shut up and take all my money”.


1. A sturdy double hammock for you and a friend to share

Double Hammock Camping Products

Hate sleeping on the ground? Well check out this double hammock that perfect for a day of swaying by the campfire or snuggling up under blankets. They are lightweight and easily portable and can hold usually up to 400 pounds. Get this one here.


2. A sleeping bag that lets you control your sleeping temp

Kelty tru comfort womens sleeping bag

It’s like being in your own bed while camping! This roomy sleeping bag uses a unique zip blanket systems so you can sleep in any position you like. It can even fit a standard pillow in the head pocket area. No more having to constantly be adjusting the pillows! Get this amazing dream machine here.


3. A tent that you can pop up in seconds

Quechua Easy 2-1 Popup tent

The tent looks amazing! Use it to go camping or keep it in your trunk in case of emergencies and pop it out anytime a needs calls for it. Although its big enough to probably fit one large human at most, the quick setup makes up for it. Get this one here.


5. A collapsible cooking pot that’s lightweight and durable

collapsible cooking pot

Can we say “I want it, I want it”. This collapsible cooking pot is durable and has a hard anodized aluminum base. It’s food grade and has heat resistant silicone walls. What better way to take along some cooking pots than one that takes up barely any room. Get this one here.


6. A compact campfire stove that charges your gadgets

biolite campstove

This campfire stove generates electricity to charge phones and other personal gadgets. It burns wood only and creates a smokeless campfire that can boil water and cook meals, without needing any fuel. Get this bad boy here.


7. A table top french coffee press for the caffeine lovers

Rei table top french press coffee maker

But first, coffee. If that’s your motto in life, much like it is mine, you can’t go anywhere without being able to get a decent brew. With this camping coffee press, you can still enjoy the rich, smooth flavor of your favorite coffee in the great outdoors. Get this one here.

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