5 Stylish Weekender Bags Under $50

5 Stylish Weekender Bags Under $50

One of my biggest pet peeve is having to carry a bunch of bags. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I live by tote bags. But it really grinds my gears when the one time I try to consolidate everything into one single bag, there’s not enough room. Time and time again I’ve wondered what luggage designers were thinking when they decided to include the least number of pockets imaginable. I mean seriously, ONE extra pocket? Who can live like that?

The luggage that I seem to go through the most are my weekender bags. You know the type. They’re the ones that you keep under your bed, on the floor of your closet, or just in the corner of your bedroom. Because as we all know, in about 3 to 4 days, you are going to be picking it up and shoving it in your car again. So really what’s the use in unpacking and putting anything away?

I always seem to struggle in finding the perfect weekender bag though. The ones I lover are either too expensive and the affordable ones look cheap. But after much searching, I was able to find one that hit all my check boxes! So with that here are my top picks for functional and stylish weekend bags that won’t break the bank.


Pretty Ships, Aberdeen Weekender

Aberdeen Weekender Travel Bag - Weekender Bags Under $50

Why We Love It: The outside is a nice gray/black combination that hides dirt well and includes a fully extended strap and dual handles. It has a zipper, which is a MUST, and let’s talk about that adorable ship pattern on the inside. The Aberdeen features three pockets on the inside, one which is a large zipper pocket perfect for toiletries and also has 2 exterior pockets perfect for storing flats, sneakers, or other small items.

Great For: Those who like to have extra pockets to store shoes and keep organized with the separate inside pockets.

Price : $39.99




X Travel Weekender, BRICS

X Travel Weekender Brics Taste Of Wander


Why We Love It: I mean look at the beautiful bold color! The X Travel Weekender features leather trim, dual carry handles, exterior zip pockets, interior organization pockets and best of all –  an interior padded laptop pocket.

Great For: Those who always travel with their gadgets and need the extra pockets to keep it all organized.

Price : $49.99





Drop Bottom Bag, Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg Drop Bottom Bag Taste Of Wander


Why We Love It: The delicate light mint color and the bottom zipper compartment make this bag a weekender dream. It’s compact and sophisticated, and has metal feet to help keep the bottom clean. The bottom zip pouch is perfect for storing shoes, dirty clothes, wet bathing shoes, or toiletries. Basically anything you want to keep away from your nice clean clothing.

Great For: Those who like to keep their shoes separated from their clothes and prefer a bag that is a bit more sophisticated and structured.

Price : $49.99





Stripe Weekender Bag, Mossimo Supply Co

Stripe Weekender Bag Mossimo Supply Co Taste Of Wander


Why We Love It: The stripe canvas look of this bag is classic. Whether you are spending the night somewhere or just going to the lake or the beach, this is a solid bag to have at your side. It includes a full-length zip top with a fully lined, water resistant interior. The Stripe Weekender has interior and exterior pickets to hold your daily essentials right at hand.

Great For: A trip to the lake or beach where you can keep all your essentials at hand.

Price : $34.99





Cassidy, Sole Society

Cassidy Sole Society Weekender Bag Taste Of Wander

Why We Love It: The Cassidy is a simplistic vegan weekender bag, that’s perfect for a quick weekend trip or even an overnight trip. It has an adjustable, detachable should strap and removable luggage tag. Other color options are available.

Great For: The minimalistic gal who loves clean lines and a nice leather finish.

Price : $41.97 (currently on sale from $69.95)




Happy Wandering

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