11 Super Easy Hacks To Try On Your Next Fall Camping Trip

Guess who has never been camping before and has decided to give it a whirl? As someone who has never been camping in my adult life, naturally I took to Google and Pinterest to do some research.

Did you know that there is a whole world of camping information out there! From tent camping to RV camping to car camping (is this a thing now?), it seems that everyone but me is going on their own wooded adventures.

My camping trip isn’t until October, so I am still doing a fair amount of research for it. I did come across a lot of camping hacks during my search. Some seemed to require way too much effort than I was willing to give. Others though, were easy enough and actually seemed quite practical.


1. Use foam tiles to make for more comfortable flooring.

Genius Camping Hack I need To Try

What’s better than a nice warm tent floor in the chilly fall air? A nice warm SOFT tent floor. This would be a great way to avoid rocks or twigs on uneven ground.


2. Prep your meals in foil for easy campfire cooking and cleaning.

Foil meal camping hack

Make meals ahead of time and don’t worry about what to make for dinner each night. The cleanup will also be a breeze!


3. Turn water bottle into ambient light using a flashlight.

Genius Hacks For Fall Camping

If you don’t have a translucent water bottle you can always use a milk or water jug.


4. Use bundles of sage to keep the  mosquitoes away.

Sage camping hack

Not only will it smell pleasant but it will also keep the bug bites away.


5. Invest in an insulated growler to keep beverages hot/cold.

Insulated growler camping hack

Want to take some beer or wine with you to enjoy at the end of a hike? Are you a chocolate lover and want to keep toasty by the campfire with some hot chocolate? Invest in ahandy dandy insulated growler to keep by your side.


6. Use dryer lint an toilet paper rolls for fire starters.

Lint roll fire starter hack

You know all that dryer lint that you normally just throw away? Well stop! Pair time up with empty toilet paper rolls and make your own homemade fire starters.


7. Start stockpiling those bread tags to use as clothespin.

bread clothespin hack

If it’s rainy, just hand the rope inside the tent instead or under a tarp, and say goodbye to wet socks.


8. Use an empty laundry detergent dispenser for hand washing.

handwashing station hack

Bonus – also great for tailgating parties. Just make sure you REALLY clean it out before using it.


9. Pack compact quick-dry towels for multi-use.

Quick drying towel camping hack

Whether you’re going hiking or swimming or just got caught in the rain, quick-drying towels come in handy for any use. Pack some extras to make cleaning up super easy, especially if the weather isn’t cooperating.


10. Forget your pillow? Just stuff a sack with clothing and DIY it.

Pillow camping hack

Sorry that you forgot your glorious pillow. But at least you can cry into a makeshift one.


11. Keep your toiletries on a lanyard for easy access.

toiletries camping hack

If you have to trek to the camp bathhouse, don’t lug a bunch of shampoo or soap bottles over. Instead, break out the travel size containers and clip them on a lanyard for easy carrying.

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